African Thatch Structures

Our African Reed Thatched Umbrella kit is a great way to enhance your backyard. If you are planning on building a customized shade structure to use in your home or commercial business, we can help with the design. Call us at 877.912.2244 to get your order started.

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African Reed Thatch Umbrella kit

Because they are custom built, there is a 2 to 4 week production period when ordering this African thatch umbrella. We offer a 7 and 9 foot sized umbrella, each layered with high quality African reed thatch. The metal umbrella frames are smaller, 6 and 8 feet. The extra foot is additional hang over from the natural reed thatch. This umbrella is one of our more durable products that can be left outdoors year round in most climates.

Forever Bamboo’s African reed single pole umbrella kit comes with an intricately layered top cone covering. The high quality reed panels are placed close together to achieve an island inspired umbrella. Our exotic reed thatched umbrella has a rustic texture with earth toned brown, green, and yellow color tones mixed together. A 6 inch lodge wooden pine pole holds the umbrella into place and fits most patio table stands.


This versatile African reed umbrella works great in any backyard, poolside, or commercial business patio settings. Only the highest quality African reed is used to thatch our cone shaped umbrella tops. Liven up your restaurant or hotel by providing shade to your customers in this aesthetically appealing way. Our single pole umbrellas do not come with a stand. Once assembled, install your umbrella in a table stand or into the ground.

About African Reed Thatch

We source our premium grade African reed from eco-responsible sources that provide us with the highest quality reed. The reed used in our panels has been harvested, dried, and hand-woven to make the panels that we layer on each umbrella top cone. At Forever Bamboo, we are committed to providing eco-friendly building materials to our customers at an affordable price. Our thatch goes through numerous quality control tests to ensure only the best product is brought to our inventory. The panels in the umbrella kit come with built in clips that are easy to install onto the top cone covering. Our reed thatch has a lifespan of 8 to 10 years depending on the climate and weather conditions in your area.

Synthetic Reed Thatching Options

If you are interested in a more modern thatching style, we offer our economically priced synthetic reed thatch. Our synthetic reed thatch is made from non-toxic polypropylene materials and comes with a limited 20 year warranty. If you are interested in a synthetic reed thatch umbrella cover, please contact us.


Due to the size and weight of our single pole umbrella kits, we do require that the customer pay a shipping charge. Before we process your online order, we will email an estimate with the shipping costs before charging your credit card. Once approved, our expert staff will hand select and carefully package your African reed thatch umbrella kit.

Quality Control 

We inspect all reed thatched patio umbrellas and African thatch palapa kits for quality before packing and shipping it to you. Forever Bamboo has very high quality control standards and will ensure customers receive only the finest products.

Commercial Use 

Our African reed thatched palapa umbrella kits are made of top grade materials suitable for both home and business use. For commercial applications, or re-sale of any Forever Bamboo products, please contact us or submit your company’s information to the application on our website.