Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing from Forever Bamboo™ is a widely used product that works beautifully in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our products are handcrafted with precision engineered panels from the finest Anji mountain bamboo in China. Not only is bamboo strong and durable but it is a highly renewable natural resource. Environmentally friendly and green, our bamboo fencing is a great way to enhance your backyard. BAMBOO FENCING AND CABOTS AUSTRALIAN OIL DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING.

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We use quality materials to ensure that each of our bamboo fencing rolls are made from the most durable cane available. Our many types of outdoor fencing are constructed using only Tonkin bamboo and have gone through rigorous quality control methods. Each fence panel is connected by a series of galvanized steel wires and capped on top for finished look. The fence panel is capped with nodes on top for added longevity and durability. Our bamboo fencing comes individually bagged, ready for easy installation.

When it comes to bamboo fencing, Forever Bamboo™ leads the industry in quality, consistency and design. Use our bamboo products to enhance your yard, by creating elegant boundaries and landscaping designs. We have a well trained staff with years of experience that will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Click the products to order the bamboo fencing of your choice!

Variety of Applications
Use our bamboo screen fencing to create a patterned perimeter or a simple bamboo privacy fence. Use bamboo fencing to surround your deck, patio or any other area where a tropical theme is needed. Bamboo fencing works with other beautiful settings besides the tropical theme. Use it in a modern upscale home for clean lines and Zen-like atmosphere. Bamboo fencing is also a great addition in a beach house theme as well as rustic cottage in the woods. We offer a great selection to choose from that will work with any of your needs for a striking room.

Variety of Colors and Styles
We carry a variety of colors and styles to coordinate with your furniture and other outdoor decor. We do offer the classic natural bamboo fence. For a more unique look, choose one of our other styles, such as natural, natural burnt, retro blend, natural black, and mahogany bamboo fencing. The variety of colors can suit any look for your place. The Tonkin bamboo fences also come in many differing heights and lengths that will work with any type of setting you choose.

At Forever Bamboo™, we have the largest inventory of bamboo fence products on the market. We have many styles and sizes to choose from. Enhance your landscaping project with bamboo fencing and a look you are going to love.

Bamboo is environmentally friendlyand is a great renewable resource. Traditional wood can take many years to grow back after it has been chopped and harvested. The tree needs to be replanted and allowed to grow back to full length. Unlike traditional wood, bamboo is cut at the base and is allowed to re-grow from that root base without the need for replanting it making it highly sustainable.

Bamboo can grow up to 2 inches in one hour making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo fencing does not make as much as an impact on the environment unlike traditional lumber. Bamboo plays an important role in the reduction of timber consumption, environmental and forest protection, poverty alleviation and sustainable development of rural economies.

We are constantly traveling the world, looking for new opportunities and products while making sure our sources are treated well and working conditions are comparable to American standards.

About Bamboo
Traditionally bamboo was used in building structures in Asia. Now bamboo is used as scaffolding for the construction of modern buildings since it extremely durable and strong yet flexible. Bamboo also has a variety of uses besides construction in Asian countries. Young bamboo shoots are tender and holds up to 90% water content so they are used in cooking delicious dishes. Bamboo is also used for medicinal benefits along with nutritional benefits. In the Chinese culture, bamboo is considered good luck. They are also symbolized as tokens of happiness and longevity.

Naturally Durable
Bamboo is known for its durability and longevity. Our bamboo fences are strong and resistant to most pests and types of weather. Invasive insects can wear down traditional wood fences easily but bamboo is resistant to many pests. Our bamboo fencing can withstand many different types of environments. With the proper maintenance, our bamboo fences have been tested in all weather applications and have withstood the test of time!

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles in fencing may vary.