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Bamboo Poles

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At Forever Bamboo, we are committed to selling only the finest quality, commercial grade products to our customers. We source all of our Tonkin and Moso bamboo poles from the most reputable growers in the famous Anji region of China. The favorable climate and environment helps to produce top quality, commercial grade bamboo that we specially hand pick for our widely diverse inventory. To ensure maximum quality standards are met, we make sure our bamboo supply is grown organically, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Since the bamboo that we sell is a natural material, we carefully take the time to prepare each product for export.

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DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles may vary.

Our Production Process

In order to ensure only the highest quality bamboo is sold, we hand select and inspect each piece. After selection, the bamboo is harvested and sent to a factory for export preparation. The bamboo is submerged in a light Sodium Borate solution that helps preserve and protect it from fungus and insect damage. Depending on the season, the bamboo poles are bleached in the sun to fade the green hues to a natural yellow-tan color. Once the desired color is obtained, the poles are kiln dried and stored to minimize moisture content. At Forever Bamboo, all of our poles are specially selected and inspected to provide the highest quality product to our customers.

Our Products

At Forever Bamboo, we offer a wide range of top quality bamboo products. Bamboo poles have a wide range of applications and are extremely flexible and durable. We sell 5ft, 8ft, and 10ft poles in bundles of 3 to 25 depending on the category, color, and cut. Choose from our selection of natural, black, speckled, and half-round natural poles to transform your backyard or living space into a tropical paradise. Bamboo poles are perfect for DIY projects such as canopies, decorative backdrops, and even room dividers. When displayed with outdoor furniture and island décor, bamboo poles will emphasize a place of relaxation and peace. Bamboo is a great, eco-friendly alternative for traditional wood products and provides an attractive aesthetic look to any indoor or outdoor project.

About Bamboo

Our bamboo products are incredibly durable and highly versatile. Bamboo is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and has a higher tensile strength than steel. Bamboo poles are unbelievably versatile, with endless possibilities for improving or simply adding beauty to your home. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to 24 inches in just one day. Environmental benefits include a release of 35% more oxygen and soil erosion prevention. Bamboo is 100% renewable and is grown organically.

Naturally Durable

Bamboo is known for its durability and longevity. Our bamboo poles have undergone rigorous testing methods and have been able to withstand many different types of weather climates and environments. Bamboo is even pest resistant, unlike traditional wood products that often times become worn down by termites and other damaging insects. At Forever Bamboo, we make sure that all of our products are natural—free of harmful pesticides, formaldehydes, and glues.

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