Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Poles

Find beauty, strength and stability in our bamboo poles and decorative bamboo sticks. With over 1,400 identified species of bamboo grown throughout the world and in every climate, how does Xcel Distribution, Forever Bamboo™, provide quality bamboo poles at the best prices available?

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Quality Control
Our Tonkin and Moso bamboo poles come from the famous “Town Of Bamboo” in Anji Country of China. We source through the most reputable growers and all the bamboo are grown void of pesticides and fertilizers. We inspect our suppliers and require that they maintain the highest standards of quality in their product offerings. We also ensure the most favorable of working conditions for their employees. The Anji District offers an optimal climate and soil conditions to grow, harvest, and process some of the most valued bamboo poles available worldwide. Like any natural material sold, our bamboo goes through multiple steps before it is prepared for export.


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We also offer 10-foot bamboo poles in bundles of 3 to 25, depending on the type, color and cut. We carry bamboo split poles, or half-rounds, as well as natural and natural black bamboo poles. Use them bound together to create an attractive border, or individually as a foundation for signs, thatch-covered structures, and tropical artistic creations. Coordinate bamboo split poles and full rounds with other bamboo accents and decorations to turn your back yard into a unique tropical paradise. When displayed with outdoor furniture and island decor, bamboo poles will help you build a special place of relaxation and peace. Order our bamboo poles with the knowledge that you are using a green building and decorative material.

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Our Production Process
Selection is the first step ensuring correct sizes, straightness of the bamboo poles, and consistency are maintained. Once harvested, they are transported to the factory where they are thoroughly cleaned. Next, they are submersed in a light Sodium Borate solution which acts as a preservative and to deter fungus and insects. Depending on the season, the bamboo poles are bleached from their natural green color outside in the sun to obtain the natural tan yellow exterior. Once the desired color is obtained, the poles are then stored and often kiln dried so that moisture content in minimized.

The last process is to hand selecting each pole to our standards, cut to length, and the package for transport. All these steps are of the same with regards to our “Phyllostachys Nigra” known as black bamboo.

About Bamboo
Bamboo growth can exceed more than three feet per day so regeneration is optimized, thus mass production can be maintained to supply the ever growing demand. At the same time the bamboo plants are known to release thirty five percent more oxygen than an equivalent number of timber related trees. Bamboo offers a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide into our atmosphere which aids in the fight to reduce global warming. Our bamboo poles offer beauty, strength and stability while displaying all of the eco-friendly benefits of a sustainable resource.

Natural Durability
Bamboo poles exceed the tensile strength of mild steel and a one inch diameter pole can support up to seven tons. Impervious to termite infestation, it is the ideal construction material for any interior or exterior project. Structures fabricated from bamboo poles had survived the most extreme of Hurricanes, Monsoons, and seven plus magnitude earthquakes, while conventional wood built homes were destroyed. Unlike many manufactured woods, bamboo does not possess any glues or heavy chemicals assembled into the final products.

Forever Bamboo™ provides only commercial grade bamboo poles that are grown using the highest quality available. They are durable for use in the most simple and complex landscaping designs, or as accents and bases for outdoor structures and decorations.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles may vary.