Bamboo Slats

Bamboo Slats

Bamboo Slats from Forever Bamboo™, by Xcel Distribution, are made from carefully selected Moso bamboo. Available in four colors, bamboo slats are used for wall covering, bars, ceilings, wainscotings, etc. Our bamboo slats are 6 feet tall, 1.75 inches wide and .25 inches thick and are perfectly straight. Bamboo slats are a great décor material that will enhance any space indoors and outdoors.

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Moso Bamboo is very durable and the hard skin of the bamboo is quite damage resistant. This is perfect for long lasting walls or even flooring since bamboo slats are such a hardy material. We use the highest quality commercial grade bamboo to ensure that our products look great and are long lasting.

Installation is easy using our bamboo slats. Application is easy and effortless; each strip can be nailed, screwed, glued or bolted. Each piece can be joined side by side for a tight and finished look. They can also be attached to a surface diagonally or horizontally! You can create your own designs using our bamboo slats into a beautiful pattern. Use it on doorways or as frames. A simple oil based stain can transform our natural slats to any desired color to enhance and match any décor with this natural and eco-friendly material.

Commercial Use
For commercial applications and re-sale of any Xcel Distributions product offerings, please contact us at or call us M-F 8:00A.M.-4:30 P.M. PST at (877) 912-2244 or submit your companies information on the application found on our websites homepage.

Production Process
Our bamboo slats are fabricated from a giant bamboo timber species known as Moso, “Phyllostachys Edulis,” native to China. Known for their consistence size and straightness over length, these characteristics are achieved when large bamboo diameter poles are cut into equal strips.

All processing of bamboo requires a light treatment of Borax solution to deter any infestation of insects and to aid in the curing process. At this point, still their original shade of green after harvest, they are sun dried outdoors to achieve the natural yellow and tan hues of the final color. Minimal moisture content is attained by additional drying either indoors or in a temperature controlled kiln.

Unlike our natural black bamboo poles, bamboo borders, and bamboo fencing, the color on the Mahogany and black bamboo slats is realized though a staining process we have outlined below. Natural slats will also take wood stains, but will require sanding and additional preparation of the surface to achieve a lasting finish.

Our vast variety of bamboo slats have gone through and rigorous quality control tests. The dyeing procedure for Mahogany and black colored bamboo is the same throughout Anji City in China. Know as "Basic Fuchsin", powders which equal 10% of the solution are combined with water. This batch is then heated in excess of 390 degrees Fahrenheit and the bamboo slats are submerged for 20 minutes. The drying process is the same utilizing either or both "tepee" style or kiln drying depending on the weather and the time frame requirement for shipping.

About Our Bamboo
Moso bamboo is native the Anji mountains of China. It is grown in a temperate climate with rich soil and is used for a variety of purposes. The young shoots are edible so it is used in Chinese dishes while the tougher and thicker parts of the bamboo are used in products such as slats.

At Forever Bamboo, our bamboo slats come in a large variety of colors that will suit your every décor need. Our slats come in four colors: Natural, Stained Black, Natural Burnt, and Stained Mahogany. Out slats can be used for many design themes. Common themes such as a tropical escape are a great way to use bamboo slats. Stained black or stained mahogany slats can be used to create a contemporary and sleek setting.

Our natural slats, along with our stained black and Mahogany versions, are all 6 feet tall, 1.75 inches wide, and approximately ¼ inches in thickness. The consistence dimensional characteristics, combined with perfectly milled edges and sanded backs, make them a preferred choice for trim around the decorative matting’s, and bamboo fencing we offer. Easy to install, they can also be incorporated as an edging or a surface on counters, tables, picture frames, wainscots, and exterior walls. They are equally great for various art and creative projects since they can be glued, nailed, screwed, or stapled in place.

A Renewable Resource
Bamboo is environmentally friendly and a highly sustainable resource. Bamboo is harvested at the base so the roots are left untouched. There is no need for re-planting the bamboo! Bamboo grows up to 2 inches in one hour making it one of the fastest growing plants on the land. Bamboo is also known to emit up to 30% more oxygen in the air compared to traditional timber woods making it great for the environment and our air. Since bamboo does not need replanting and grows so quickly, bamboo has much less of an impact compared to regular timber wood. Bamboo is extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to many weather climates and pests. You wouldn’t need to replace your bamboo slats as often, thus creating less waste.

This Eco Friendly product will enhance all your designs and give a lasting impression to all who appreciate bamboo as a definitive alternate over the use of natural timbered materials.

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