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Forever Bamboo’s synthetic thatch products are a cost-effective and smart alternative to natural thatch materials. Artificial thatch has a special design that lets it last up to four times longer. Additionally, all of our synthetic Tropical thatch products are pest-resistant. Synthetic thatch has a similar appearance to natural thatch, yet it needs no maintenance. Enhance your space with this eco-friendly, recyclable thatch that can last 20 years and beyond.

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Our Artificial Thatch Products

We source all Forever Bamboo products from trusted and reputable manufacturers. As the country’s leading supplier of natural thatch products, we are the most knowledgable source when choosing a synthetic alternative for your palapa or thatch roofing. This ensures that all our artificial thatch rolls and roof panels meet a standard of quality and authenticity.

Read on to learn more about our current selection of faux thatch rolls and panels or visit individual product pages for detailed specifications, installation instructions and other useful information.

Baja Palm Artificial Tropical Thatch

Artificial Baja Palm is made from a recyclable, nontoxic plastic that is safe for humans, animals, gardens and marine environments. Once installed, runoff from thatch roofing will not cause harm to your living environment. This type of artificial thatch roofing looks just like our natural Mexican palm thatch, featuring a similar palette of brown and tan colors. Since it does not require maintenance, Baja palm faux thatch saves you money over time by lasting much longer than its natural equivalent.

Viro Synthetic African and Java Thatch

At Forever Bamboo, we also offer another modern, eco-friendly product that replicates the detailed artistry of African and Mexican Palm thatch styles. Our Viro synthetic thatch is made from High-Density Polyethylene often referred to as HDPE. This synthetic material does not pose a threat to the environment and carries a 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

We sell two different types of Viro synthetic thatch: African and Java styles. Our Viro synthetic Java Palm and African Reed thatch can be used to cover Tiki huts, umbrellas, palapas, and other sturdy building structures. Viro Java simulates the popular Mexican/South Pacific Balanese styled thatch found in Indonesia and provides texture and definition to your project. Viro African is modeled after our natural cape reed thatch which gives a more architectural look to your outdoor setting.

Synthetic Palm Thatch vs. Synthetic Reed Thatch

Not sure whether to use artificial palm thatch or synthetic reed thatch for your project? Consider your space's theme. Faux palm thatch looks just like the traditional roofing materials used to cover island structures and cottages. It complements spaces meant to look like a Hawaiian paradise or a historic village. Meanwhile, reed thatch tends to suit safari or jungle environments based on areas that use it traditionally.

However, you don't always have to follow these rules to the letter. The perfect fit depends on what you want to do with your space, so you have the final say. Check out our customer project gallery to see how creative minds use our thatch products to suit their aesthetics.

If you want to base your decision on environmental impact, you don't have to worry. We have the same eco-friendly philosophy no matter what products we source. When we choose our natural materials, we put sustainability first. The same principle applies when we source artificial Tiki thatch. Both options feature recyclable materials and long lifespans that minimize their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Artificial Thatch

Why should you choose faux thatch over a natural product? The answer to this question depends on your unique needs. For many applications and many customers, natural thatch is still the way to go. However, there are several compelling reasons why you might want to consider a synthetic alternative. Our fake thatch products are:

  • Attractive and Versatile: Building structures with artificial thatch roofing mimic the same luxurious palapa structures that are made from natural thatch products. To the untrained eye, our faux thatch products are virtually indistinguishable from natural. Use our products in homes, businesses and any other space that can be improved with a Palapa or Tiki Hut style of roofing.
  • Affordable and Long-Lasting: All of Forever Bamboo’s synthetic thatch is built to last and withstand many different climates. Artificial thatch is a cost-effective and smart alternative to natural thatch products that generally need to be replaced every five years. Fake thatch products resist weather-related wear and tear, giving you more value for your money with less care and replacement on an ongoing basis. They’re a smart choice for anyone who wants that topical, Tiki-inspired look without having to worry about any maintenance.
  • Good for the Environment: We take great care to ensure that our natural thatch is sustainably harvested from renewable sources. Staying true to this commitment, our synthetic products are made from high-quality, commercial-grade plastic extrusions that do not harm the environment. With Forever Bamboo, you’re taking steps to towards being more sustainable for the environment, regardless of whether you choose a natural or synthetic product.

There is no shortage of reasons to buy artificial thatch for your home or business. However, not all products are created equal. It’s important to work with a reputable supplier who can recommend the right products for the task, which is where Forever Bamboo comes in. Not only do we carry a large inventory of products from some of the best manufacturers in the business, but we also offer expert advice based on our long standing history in the industry.

Synthetic Thatch Applications

You can use synthetic thatch for both exterior and interior settings. Our artificial tropical thatch covers Palapas, Tiki bars, cabana, umbrellas and gazebos the same way as its natural thatch counterparts.

Our fake thatch products are also ideal for interior installation in both residential and commercial spaces. Give your business or home a fresh new look by decorating wall space, privacy panels, and bar areas with our synthetic thatch panels.

Get inspired with potential applications for our artificial thatch products by visiting the Forever Bamboo Gallery. There, you’ll find in-depth case studies and detailed examples of some of the many ways our customers are using thatch and reed products in their homes and businesses.


Thatch panels can easily be installed with pnuematic staples, nails, or screws on any solid roofing surface. All synthetic thatch products can be cut with a sharp scissor or looping shear just like our natural thatch products. Use any synthetic thatch panel to enhance your building structure for an authentic tropical theme in your backyard or commercial project.

It takes just a few steps to install our synthetic thatch roofing panels:

  1. Measure and mark your panel locations. Use a permanent marker to note the exact area where you want to install.
  2. Make any additional cuts and prepare your tools. If you need to cut your panels into smaller sizes, use a hand saw. Keep your staple gun and other tools handy during the installation process.
  3. Apply the first layer of panels at the bottom row. This approach will create the most natural look possible.
  4. Add each layer of panels above the previous one. We recommend overlapping each panel by about 7 to 8 inches for even coverage.
  5. Cover the peak and hips of your roof with smaller sections of thatch. Measure the gaps you find. Then, cut and apply your panels to fit these spaces.

If you have any further questions about thatch roofing installation, contact our customer support team or check out our handy guide to installing thatch. We are happy to provide custom advice on creating the perfect synthetic thatch roof for your project.

Quality Control

Forever Bamboo works with different suppliers and distributors to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product. We are constantly searching for new eco-friendly thatching products to add to our inventory. Customer service is very important to us; we only supply the highest quality products to our valued customers.

Commercial Use

Forever Bamboo is proud to partner with restaurants, bars, resorts, amusement parks and any other businesses requiring bulk or wholesale orders of a faux thatch product. We offer personalized attention for your organization and will work to find solutions that are right for your budget. All products ship from our warehouse in Southern California, which helps keep delivery times to a minimum whether you are ordering just a few artificial thatch panels or placing a large commercial order. Complete a commercial or wholesale inquiry, and we'll get back to you with a custom quote.

Your Source for Artificial Thatch Products

Forever Bamboo specializes in natural and synthetic bamboo and thatch for homes, businesses and any application. To offer options to all customers, we are proud to sell a variety of artificial thatch products. Try before you buy with a sample box! Place your order within 45 days of purchasing your samples and get $25 off. This makes your sample box FREE!

Our office is open Monday through Friday, and our representatives can provide advice and assistance on any matter related to product selection and ordering. Give us a call at 877-912-2244 or contact us online to get in touch today. Ready to place an order? Shopping online is safe and secure at Forever Bamboo. Explore our artificial thatch product pages to get started.

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