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14 Reasons You Need Bamboo Blinds Right Now

Bamboo Blinds For All Spaces
bamboo blinds for your home interior design

  1. -Naturally gorgeous in color. Natural Bamboo blinds come in light tan hue or a rich medium brown shade.
  2. -Great for any tropical theme room.
  3. -Easy to customize. Cut bamboo blinds into your preferred width.
  4. -If you're into patterns, bamboo blinds also come in a chic woven tortoise pattern. These tortoise pattern blinds come in light, dark, or rustic shades.
  5. -Looking for a contemporary color? Try Mahogany!
  6. -Instantly gives a "face-lift" to any tired windows.
  7. -Adds interest and texture to the room. A room without blinds is like a face with no eyebrows! Add some personality into your room!
  8. -Perfect for feminine or rustic chic bedrooms, bathroom, kitchens, and living rooms.
  9. -The neutral colors of bamboo complements many curtain blind colors and textures.
  10. -Bamboo may be tropical but have you ever though about using them in a classic
    modern house? Check out The Inspired Room's elegant use of bamboo blinds!
  11. -Adds dimension and much needed privacy to your room.
  12. -Keeps the harsh sunlight out in an attractive way.
  13. -Made from bamboo! One of the most eco-friendly and highly sustainable resources in the world!
  14. -Naturally durable. Bamboo is known to have the tensile strength of steel! Despite it's strength, it is a flexible material!
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