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3 Great Green Products You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Isn’t using something old to create something new the essence of “going green”? As any DIY-er will agree, there is so much useable “waste” discarded today, it’s a wonder we haven’t come up with the green lifestyle sooner. Here are some amazing and creative ideas to reverse the trends of excess and unnecessary spending that have plagued consumers as of late:

Give Old Clothes New Life
Niche businesses and DIY-ers are finding was to restyle old leather jackets, suit coats and just about everything else. These spats are made from various styles of coats and can instantly give an old boot or shoe new life. Not only are they green, but they are also unique, stylish and very creative. Why spend money and precious resources when you can refurbish used clothes and materials for a fraction of the price and a negligible carbon footprint?

Leather Spats

Clean Green
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day manufactures cleaning supplies that smell great, are easy on the environment and tough on dirt. Their liquid products are biodegradable and do not contain harsh chemicals like ammonia or chlorine. Mrs. Meyer never tests their products on animals and obtains their ingredients from plant sources whenever possible. Available in locals Ralph’s and Target’s, these “green” cleaning supplies are affordable, easy to find and complicit with your green lifestyle.

Mrs Meyers Laundry

Interesting Jewelry
Why invest in a piece of jewelry from a mold only to see someone else wearing an exact replica of you “special” piece? This retailer on etsy.com has taken your typical kitchen forks and restyled them into not-so-typical pendants. Being green is all about reusing resources in new and creative ways that don’t put more strain on the environment. Jewelry is yet another avenue upon which to display original stylings of seemingly useless items.

Fork Pendant

Etsy.com is a great resource when looking for revamped products – everything from boot spats, mentioned above, to clothes, to notebooks, to iPad cases. With a little homework, just about everything can be friendlier to the environment and with just a few changes, each household can make a big difference.

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