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5 Ways to Use Bamboo Products in Your Home


Bamboo is among the most versatile materials on the face of the planet. It has been used in many ways throughout the course of history and it is still used today for a number of different things. In China, bamboo is still used as the material of choice for building high-rise scaffolding for construction crews working on apartment buildings and other structures. There are also many different small-scale uses for this material that make it excellent for home use. Bamboo products are a very common site in homes around the world.

Dishes: Bamboo can be shaped and formed into many useful products like plates and bowls. Bamboo plates and bowls are very sturdy, they wash easily, they stack well and they are extremely light. Thanks to the relatively low cost of growing bamboo, bamboo dishes are among the most affordable dishes out there. These bamboo products are also very environmentally friendly.

Flooring: Bamboo has become very popular as a material used as a substitute for hardwood flooring in homes around the country. Bamboo has a naturally attractive coloration to it that looks similar to hardwood. Bamboo also holds a stain very well and can be made to look like actual hardwood. As with the hardwood dishes listed above, the lower overall cost to produce bamboo helps make this bamboo product very affordable.

Bamboo Paper: Bamboo paper is sturdy, it takes ink well and it is already commonly used in paper blends. Pure bamboo paper can be found throughout the country at nearly any office supply store. It has become a very ubiquitous product that is very easy to find. When compared to virgin tree pulp paper, bamboo paper is very environmentally friendly. This bamboo product is recyclable just like normal tree paper.

Bamboo Furniture: There are many different ways in which bamboo can be incorporated into furnishings. Some furnishings are only bamboo products in the sense that the frame is built out of bamboo. Other furnishings take things a step further by making the cushions out of bamboo as well. Many people overlook the fact that bamboo can be turned into soft, comfortable cloth. This cloth can be used in many different types of bamboo products. It's not very difficult to find a bamboo chair that is made entirely out of bamboo.

Bamboo Clothing: As mentioned earlier, bamboo can be used to make fibers for clothing. What many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around is how something so tough can be made soft enough for shirts. The truth is that shirts made out of bamboo are very tough but they are also very soft. Many new technological breakthroughs have made these clothes a wonderful bamboo product that is comfortable to wear. One of the greatest aspects of this bamboo product is that it doesn't use cotton. Cotton is one of the largest pesticide crops in the country. This means using bamboo as a substitute is very environmentally friendly.

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