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8 Foot Bamboo Pole - Versatile Material Even More Useful

Bamboo products come in a selection of sizes and lengths including 5 foot, 10 foot, and an 8 foot bamboo pole, as well. The variety of pole lengths makes an already versatile material even more useful. For example, 5 foot poles are perfect for creating space dividers whether you want to construct a folding screen or choose to simply plant them in decorative pots of loose pebbles and arrange them free-form. Additionally, half round bamboo poles are available in 5, 8, and 10 foot lengths making them ideal for covering columns and pillars or for use in place of crown molding or baseboard to bring a touch of the tropics inside any home or business.

The longer poles are useful for larger construction projects while still providing an island feel. Use an 8 foot bamboo pole for the center support of a Polynesian-inspired umbrella-type shelter, sawing longer poles into shorter sections that attach to the center shaft and radiate out to hold up the canopy, which should be made from thatching panels. You can fashion a ladder that is as useful as it is decorative out of three 10 foot poles. You'll want one of the bamboo poles to be smaller in diameter as you'll cut into shorter lengths and secure them in holes drilled in the larger diameter poles with wood glue to create rungs.

8 Foot Bamboo Pole - Versatile Material Even More Useful

8 foot bamboo pole

Bamboo poles of any length are useful for building furniture, fences, awnings, garden borders, walkways, decks and patios, and so much more. Kiln dried bamboo is extremely durable and can go head to head with steel when it comes to tensile strength. When you want to add a tropical feel to your business or home, you will find the bamboo products for the job at Forever Bamboo. Our hand-selection process ensures you'll always get the best quality so you know your projects will last and look great for the long haul, and many products ship for free within the contiguous United States from Forever Bamboo.

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