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Bamboo Area Rug - Home and Business Decor

A rug made from real bamboo makes for a great indoor accent in home and business settings. A Bamboo area rug is especially helpful to those who suffer from allergies since bamboo does not retain allergens like the fibers in carpet. By nature, bamboo is sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly. Carpet area rugs with different colors and patterns are traditionally used to liven up a room, but can easily get dirty. Unlike carpet, bamboo is simple to clean and will last for years to come if properly taken care of. All you need is a light wood cleaner and damp cloth to wipe away crumbs and dirt. A bamboo runner rug will also add a contemporary flair to office settings while welcoming a tropical feel. There is a variety of color and size options to choose from that will best fit your décor scheme.

Bamboo Area Rug

Decorating with Bamboo Area Rugs

Quality rugs made from bamboo are kiln dried, finely milled, and sanded to offer flexibility and versatility. A nice authentic island touch can be incorporated in kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, and family room areas with a bamboo area rug.  Large spaces can benefit from more than one bamboo area rug and look great near couches and tables. Bamboo area rugs are also great for Hawaiian inspired parties and can be placed under table spaces. All bamboo area rugs contain a PVC mesh material on the backside to prevent slipping when placed on tile or wooden floors. Polyester borders are also sewn to the frame of the rug so that rugs will not fray or unravel when walked on. Although bamboo compliments outdoor settings too, it is not recommended to keep rugs outdoors. Direct sunlight and rain will weather and damage the rug if left outdoors for long periods of time. You can coat rugs with a clear sealant for additional sheen and protection, but it’s best to use it in indoor settings.

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