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Bamboo Area Rug

For allergy sufferers, a bamboo area rug in every room is a beautiful necessity. According to the Flooring Lady, bamboo's smooth surface does not attract and hold allergens as carpet fibers do. Instead, the hard, flat surface of bamboo rugs are easy to clean with the swipe of a dust mop or occasionally polishing with wood floor cleaner or furniture polish. A rug made from strips of bamboo is strong and durable and can hold its own under the weight of a sofa or dining table, provided the surface below the bamboo area rug is not carpet with a high pile. Of course, if you do choose to place furniture on your bamboo rug, you should use protective casters such as plastic, felt, or rubber.

Bamboo Area Rug

A bamboo outdoor rug is an ideal accent for your home or office to give the decor a touch of the tropics. As robust as bamboo is, it's best to place the rug in a covered area if you'll be using it outside as it could mildew if it will be hit by rain or other precipitation. An occasional rainfall should not adversely affect your rug, however, as long as you pull it up and drape it over a clothesline or other suspended surface so that it can air-dry completely. Also, allow the area where you typically lay the bamboo area rug to dry entirely before laying it back down.

Another consideration for these natural wood area rugs is that direct sunlight can affect the color, as sun will bleach out the surface. Applying a clear sealant can help protect the color, allowing it to last longer, but your best bet is to keep your area rug out of the sun to preserve the beautiful, natural color.

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