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Bamboo as Technology?

At Forever Bamboo, we are always on the lookout for new innovations and developments in the “green” community. We strive to offer environmentally friendly products to be passed on to you, in order to sustain your outdoor needs in a way that is both beautiful and environmentally sound. Additionally, we try to keep you informed about the latest trends in sustainable living and developments within the bamboo industry.

Lately the production and use of the bamboo keyboard and mouse has been on the rise. The keyboard is reported to absorb sweat and other oils from your fingertips while you type. This makes the keys smoother and softer than plastic ones, creating a unique typing experience. While both pieces of equipment offer traditional design and purpose, their look and feel is anything but ordinary. If you work in an office or simply spend a lot of time at the computer and are looking for ways to stay green at work, this is the device for you.
Other bamboo hardware being created today includes bamboo computer monitors, bamboo laptop desks and enclosures and bamboo speakers. A bamboo USB drive can be plugged into a bamboo USB hub and an iPod can be protected by a personalized bamboo case and charged at a bamboo iPod charging station.

Bamboo Keyboard from Internet Siao
As you can see, if you can conceive it, you can probably make it out of bamboo. The bamboo keyboard and mouse retail anywhere from $30-80 so you’re eco-statement doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Plus, just imagine the hundreds of years you have saved the environment from breaking down plastic technology hardware.

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