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Bamboo bike frames

Build a Bicycle

At Forever Bamboo, devoted cyclists can purchase an assortment of bamboo poles to build their own bicycle frame. While there are numerous metal-frame bicycles available, a cyclist may want to have a bicycle that is made of natural bamboo materials instead. Store-bought bamboo bicycle frames are expensive and difficult to find, but the good news is that do-it-yourselfers can make their own bamboo bicycle frame by ordering instructions that are found online. Building your own bicycle from bamboo is easier than creating one from metal because it only requires simple tools and durable glue rather than expensive welding equipment.

Avoid Creating Pollution

Many environmentalists want to have bicycles rather than vehicles to avoid using fossil fuels, and it is possible to avoid creating pollution by using natural bamboo poles in a variety of dimensions and lengths to create a one-of-a-kind bicycle. There are good reasons to use bamboo materials to make a bicycle frame, including creating a lightweight and easy to carry form of transportation. Bamboo frames do not vibrate, and the material is sustainable. The factories that manufacture metal bicycle frames create pollution while building the devices. The bamboo materials sold at Forever Bamboo is sourced from farmers who believe in sustainable practices such as planting new plants that grow quickly.

Use Durable Bamboo

Bamboo materials are suitable for making racing or touring bicycles that environmentalists want to ride for everyday or leisure purposes. A bicycle made of bamboo is durable because the material is stronger than concrete or steel. Cyclists will enjoy a smooth and stable ride while on rough terrain because bamboo bicycle frames do not vibrate on gravel and stones. While wood from trees might have knots or turns as part of its natural growth, bamboo does not have these weak spots, leading to a durable material that makes a strong bicycle frame.

Source Used Parts

A manufactured bamboo frame bicycle can cost over $3,000, but with a design plan and high-quality bamboo poles, a cyclist can save money. In order to make a bamboo bicycle frame, a builder can use new or used parts such as bolts, chains or belts. By sourcing used parts from damaged metal bicycles that are often sent to landfills, it is possible to make a bamboo bicycle for a few hundred dollars. The bamboo materials needed for a homemade bicycle frame are available at Forever Bamboo.

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