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Bamboo Cars: A Driving Force in the Future?

Forever Bamboo truly believes in the products we sell on our site and as our name suggests, Bamboo is the primary material used in our products. We have been on the bamboo bandwagon for years now and have seen its uses evolve from the backdrop of island-inspired bars and restaurants to the innovative textiles and electronics of today. With the so-called “Green Revolution” upon us, we have witnessed the expansion of bamboo uses as well as the proliferation of electric cars; it was only a matter of time until the two collided to produce a truly green vehicle.

Greg “Gadget” Abbott, an avid electric car builder, builds electric cars from kits that utilize a fiberglass frame. Perhaps inspired by the bamboo surfboards being debuted in Hawaii, he envisaged a lightweight electric car with a frame of bamboo. A typical electric car requires a heavy battery that can weigh up to 200 pounds; “Gadget” imagined that a bamboo frame would offset this weight and thus make the car simultaneously more efficient and eco-friendly.

Steel Frame
The bamboo surfboards of Hawaii claim to be twice as strong as fiberglass and 15% lighter. They exhibit more control and speed in turns and are constructed entirely from woven bamboo composite, considered to be one of the greenest building materials on earth. For all these reasons, it is time to consider bamboo a plausible replacement for fiberglass and steel across the manufacturing sector.

As technology improves, imagination expands and the need to go green becomes more apparent, bamboo will undoubtedly start playing a more vital role in our economy. A carbon-free vehicle would be a giant step towards a sustainable economy, especially since automobiles are such a driving force in the American lifestyle.

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