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Bamboo Fence – Enhancing your Home

A bamboo fence is a beautiful, eco-friendly, and affordable addition to any home or business setting. Since bamboo is a sturdy and durable material, it is ideal for outdoor or indoor use to enhance any area of your living space. Traditionally, bamboo fencing is often applied over chain link or wire fences to incorporate a tropical feel. Very little hardware is required; zip ties can be used to secure bamboo fencing to existing fences. No matter the décor scheme, modern, contemporary, or minimalistic, bamboo fencing is aesthetically pleasing to all patio and deck areas. Forever Bamboo has reliable bamboo fences in the colors natural, black, mahogany, and burnt. We also carry a variety of sizes that can be cut and altered to fit the needs of your project. Easily set your backyard apart from your neighbors by installing our eco-friendly fencing panels to create the perfect island escape.


Create Your Tropical Escape with a Bamboo Fence

Looking for an affordable privacy fence that is eco-friendly and built to last for years to come? Consider a bamboo fence that can be used for more than just decoration in your garden space. Bamboo has a stronger tensile strength than steel and is resistant to many different weather conditions. If you are looking to keep your fence in top shape for many years, apply a coat of Cabot Australian Timber Oil to prevent weathering. With a natural bamboo fence that offers privacy and beauty, it is easy to spend more time outdoors. Bamboo offers many advantages to home owners such as being pest resistant, sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Natural bamboo fences compliment kitchen and bedroom spaces perfectly and provide a tropical element that will capture everyone’s attention. You can further enhance your living space by hanging tropical décor products on the bamboo fencing. Tiki masks, tropical signs, paddles, and surfboards capture the spirit of the tiki movement and instantly inspire an island feeling.

Whether you are trying to give your backyard privacy or incorporate an authentic island feel, Forever Bamboo has the fencing products you need.


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