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Bamboo Fence Panels - Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly by Forever Bamboo

All you need to create a unique, decorative folding room divider is bamboo fence panels, three narrow sections of garden trellis, wire or zip ties, and four hinges with screws. You'll also need a pair of heavy-duty scissors or a craft knife, a screwdriver, and you might want to have a saw on hand, in case you have to cut the trellis pieces to the size you want or if they need to be evened out to the the same height and width.

Bamboo Fence Panels - Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Bamboo Fence Panels

Lay a section of trellis out on your workbench, then unroll the fencing over it, matching the edge to the trellis. Use a circular saw to cut the fencing to the same width as the trellis, then secure the bamboo to it using the zip ties or pieces of wire. If the fencing is longer than the trellis, you can use the saw to cut it down to the appropriate height. Doing so after it's been secured to the trellis helps hold it in place for an accurate fit. Repeat the steps with the other two trellis sections to cut and attach the bamboo fence panels so that you have three identical bamboo-covered panels for your divider.

Once you have your panels covered, lay them out side-by-side and attach them together using the hinges, placing them about 6 inches from the top and bottom of the panels. Use the screws and screwdriver to secure the hinges to the panels. If you want to be able to fold your room divider accordion-style, attach two of the panels with the hinges on the front of the screen, and attach the third panel to the middle one by putting the hinges on the back of the screen. Gluing a strip of felt or suede to the bottom of the divider will protect floors if the screen will be used indoors.

You'll find beautiful, durable bamboo fence panels for creating a decorative folding room divider at Forever Bamboo - your source for everything bamboo.

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