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Bamboo Fencing

When you're looking for unique ideas for transforming your yard, bamboo fencing is a versatile material that will do the trick. Although bamboo is technically a grass, it's extremely durable and has the look and feel of hardwood. It weathers like wood, too, standing up to the elements, especially if you take care to maintain it with periodic coats of sealant. Though bamboo is exceptionally strong, it's also flexible, and all of these elements working together make bamboo an excellent choice for giving your yard a makeover.

Bamboo Fencing

Covering an existing fence is the typical way bamboo fencing is used. It's extremely easy to install, too. If the old fence is made of chain link or wire, the new fencing can be attached at the top and bottom using zip ties or wire. If you want to cover a wooden or vinyl fence with bamboo, it will attach effectively using a hammer and nails or a staple gun. Most people install the fencing vertically, so the lengths of bamboo almost appear to be growing right out of the ground to create a natural-looking fence line. For those who like to think outside of the box, however, a unique look can be achieved by installing panels of fencing horizontally. You can either mount consecutive bamboo panels, end to end, for an effect of continuous lengths of bamboo, or install smaller panels vertically between the horizontal panels to break up the lines and add variety.

Bamboo Fencing is Versatile in Many Ways

Fencing made of bamboo is versatile in more ways than simply the direction in which you install it. You can choose from a variety of colors including natural honey-tan shades, mahogany, and even black bamboo fencing. Burnt bamboo fencing is another choice, with a striking pattern created by burning the nodes on each length of bamboo before assembling them into fencing.

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