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Bamboo Grown Holiday

Whether you live in the balmy tropics or atop a snow-covered mountain, the idea of winter holidays brings to mind lights, ornaments and holiday-themed décor. Beachy, tropical décor has become more popular over the years. Perhaps this is because those in humid climates still want to draw in holiday cheer with festive decorations or because those surrounded by a winter chill want to dream about cozier days. Bamboo is the ideal material to decorate with this winter season, whether you’re looking to add a tropical flair to your home or just use more natural materials.

Bamboo Christmas Trees

Don’t have much room for a large pine tree in your home? Craft a wall decoration using narrow bamboo poles and twine. Saw the poles into two long lengths and one shorter length, and secure into a tall, narrow triangle using twine. Cut and attach horizontal poles in a ladder-like formation, also using twine. Hang this tree on the wall and use it to hold holiday cards or showcase your favorite ornaments.

Alternatively, you can cut different widths of bamboo poles to a similar length, such as 3 inches. Lay these on their sides, gluing with a hot glue gun as you go, arranging them in a pyramid shape. You can tuck tiny ornaments into the hollow ends to make a colorful desktop tree.

Light Up the Bamboo

Bamboo provides a beautiful, sturdy framework for holiday lights. Shape bamboo poles into a star shape using twine and wrap a string of lights around them, hanging them from the eaves of your house or on your front door. You can also create a teepee shape using bamboo and spiral a string of lights around the cone shape.

Bamboo Gifts

Give an eco-friendly, handmade gift this year using bamboo. You can make bamboo poles into a candleholder arrangement or craft wind chimes out of them. Cut bamboo paneling to size and use stencils and paint to decorate it with a holiday design. Use white paint and glitter to create snowflakes, or spray paint some dry twigs silver and use hot glue to attach them to the bamboo panel background. You can also gather lengths of bamboo together to simulate a bundle of firewood, wrap it in pine garland, and give this fireplace decoration as a hostess gift at a holiday party.

Warm Up the Outdoors

If you’ll be the one hosting holiday parties this year, consider making your outdoor space just as welcoming as the indoor space. Balance out the chill with some heat lamps and fire pits, and warm things up by gathering guests under bamboo and sea grass umbrellas lined with string lights or a cozy tiki hut.

Bamboo Arrangements

Instead of decorating with Poinsettias and pine cones, bring an exotic flavor to your holiday decorations by creating arrangements of pine garland with artfully arranged bamboo poles. Attach bamboo paneling around the outside of a galvanized steel bucket and fill the bucket with pine boughs. Poles of varying lengths towering up from this base are festive when intertwined with an overflowing garland of green.

Holiday decorating does not have to be limited to red and green. Bamboo is an easy way to bring a rustic, unusual flair to your home this holiday season.

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