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Bamboo In New Technology

In recent history, companies all over the world have been trying to practice greener business. In this blog, we have explored the ways the biggest global brands are implementing recycling and waste reduction programs as well as new eco-chic products developed by the technology sector. Many companies, including Apple, have become conscious of their carbon footprint as a whole as well as each individual product’s impact. There is eco-friendly tech packaging from Dell, Apple has reduced plastic and metal consumption in many of their computers and small independent companies are starting to produce eco-friendly cases for the most popular of technological gadgets – everything from laptop shells to thumb drive casing and USB hub exteriors.

One of the latest developments in the ever popular world of Apple is the MacBook Pro and now, to complete its green lifespan, Silva has developed an entirely bamboo briefcase style laptop case. The case is handcrafted and made of solid caramel-colored bamboo. A leather carrying handle makes it convenient and comfortable while a wool lining ensures that your MacBook stays scratch free. The entire case adds about 2 pounds to your computer and will protect it from heavy impact, though it may not survive a big crash itself.
So as you keep your eyes out for new and exciting ways to green your lifestyle (hopefully by reading this blog), keep in mind that new developments are always on the horizon. The Silva MacBook Pro case is retailed at a total cost of $180, but with limited carbon emissions and a stylish design, it is a small price to pay.

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