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Bamboo Packaging from Dell Saves Your Equipment AND the Environment

These days, it seems like everything can be made from bamboo. From fencing and masks, to bikes and computer accessories, to clothes and shoes, just about anything can be made using mature bamboo stalks, bamboo fiber or bamboo leaves. Recently, Dell Incorporated has increased the already lengthy list of bamboo uses with its creation of bamboo packaging.

Dell’s Inspiron models and their Streak tablet are now packaged and shipped in environmentally responsible, custom designed bamboo shells that fit neatly into an outer box made of 25% recycled materials. Currently, the bamboo casings are constructed specifically for these two Dell products but Dell hopes to expand the use of bamboo across its product line as well as initiate an industry-wide trend.

bamboo packaging
While bamboo is the basis of enumerable environmentally responsible products, it also decomposes into a completely reusable fertilizer. This bamboo packaging can be effortlessly composted at home simply by throwing it into an existing compost pile. The cases will decompose with the rest of your organic home waste while all you have to do is wait for the bottom of the pile to turn into a valuable (and free!) soil rejuvenator.

Whether or not you are a Dell consumer, their packaging methods and environmental conviction are certainly up-and-coming trends to keep your eyes on. And remember, when it comes to protecting our planets, every little bit helps.

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