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Bamboo Paneling for Your Walls

If you’re looking to add more excitement to your home bamboo paneling is the way to go. Bamboo is becoming the popular choice for many home owners when it comes to eco-friendly décor themes. You can easily enhance the garden, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms with bamboo panel wall coverings. Whatever setting you are trying to achieve, bamboo panels are a smart investment. Installation requires little time and effort and instantly improves the quality of your home. Bamboo is a naturally sturdy material that also flexible making for an easy material to work with when it comes to the application process. You can even choose from a variety of colors such as chocolate, natural, carbonized, raw green, tortoise, natural burnt, natural raw, and more. Unlike wallpaper, bamboo paneling provides character and texture that can be attached and conformed to any surface.

Bamboo Paneling for Quick & Easy Crafting

Bamboo Paneling & RollsBamboo paneling is a diverse material that doesn’t necessarily need to be installed as a wall covering; it can be used as crafting material too. For an instant organic chic look, cover a glass vase with bamboo paneling and arrange anywhere within your home. All you need to do is decide on a color of paneling for the walls that will best match with your current décor scheme. Measure the vase and cut the paneling to the desired length with a sharp razor or scissor. Apply hot glue or glass glue to the back side of the bamboo paneling and wrap directly around the vase. Hold together for thirty seconds and let dry for twenty four hours. Each roll of bamboo paneling is joined together with a mesh backing to ensure flexibility around a curved surface. For additional sheen, apply a coat of Cabot Australian Timber Oil on the bamboo to extend the longevity. The oil will help bamboo withstand outdoor elements especially during the summer season.

Forever Bamboo has a large selection of bamboo paneling that can be shaped to fit any solid surface structure further enhancing your indoor and outdoor living space.


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