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Bamboo Paneling – Welcoming an Eco-Friendly Look

When it comes to enhancing your home, it is important to keep in mind cost and durability of construction materials. Bamboo panels for walls have become very popular in recent years because of the push for eco-friendly living. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is affordable, durable, sustainable, and great for construction purposes. Paneling can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings to create the perfect tropical oasis in your very own home. Installation requires little hardware and can be manipulated to various sizes and shapes with a sharp scissor or blade. Application works best on solid surface structures with a strong adhesive glue, staples, or nails. If you are looking to give your backyard a relaxed island feel, consider bamboo paneling at affordable prices. A great advantage that Forever Bamboo offers is color and sizing options. Choose from a variety of color options such as natural, chocolate, carbonized, raw green, tortoise, and more. Our panels are conveniently carpet rolled and ready to be glued to any substrate.


Affordable Green Building Material – Bamboo Paneling

All décor schemes can benefit from bamboo paneling rolls, especially contemporary, modern, and minimalist atmospheres. Unlike wallpaper that fades over time, bamboo paneling is made from real bamboo material that will last for years to come. Each panel is made from carefully cut strips of bamboo that are 1/8 inches thick and 11/16 inches in width. Some structures that can be enhanced are tiki bar fronts, kitchen cabinets, walls with wainscoting, and more. You can further extend the longevity of your paneling by applying a clear protective stain. This step is recommended if you plan on installing paneling in outdoor settings to prevent weathering. Our paneling is so popular it can even be found at Disney’s Trader Sam’s bar/restaurant in Downtown Disney. Tiki masks and surfboards look great as additional décor that can be placed right over paneling rolls.


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