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Bamboo Panels for Wall - Adding Beauty and Flare to Your Home or Business

Though they're not made of wood, bamboo panels for wall covering add an element of tranquility to rooms just like wood does. It's bamboo's natural, earthy tones that bring about the calm, comforting atmosphere timber produces. The optimal way to use bamboo panels indoors is to install them on two of the four walls of a room and paint the other two walls a mild, neutral shade. Alternatively, you could secure the panels halfway up one, two, three, or all four of the walls as a wainscot. Either option will maximize the beneficial effects of bamboo without overwhelming the room.

As a natural product, bamboo panels for wall application come in a simple variety of shades. These can range from an extremely light natural finish to dark chocolate hues and include green, cherry, and mocha shades in between. Additionally, some bamboo wall paneling is treated to augment the coloring and create tortoise effects, a spotted burnt finish, and even a carbonized finish that resembles a caramel color.

Bamboo Panels for Wall - Adding Beauty and Flare to Your Home or Business

bamboo panels

Whatever color scheme you want, you are certain to find bamboo panels in the shade you need. However, for those who like to change decor frequently, the panels can be stained different shades. Bamboo naturally repels moisture, so you'll need to use a quality oil-based stain. The panel surface must be completely dry, and it's a good idea to wipe it down with a lint-free cloth before starting, to ensure there's no dust or other fine-grain substances on the surface. A sponge, brush, or even rags can be used to apply the stain, and be sure to keep an extra rag handy to wipe away any excess stain.

With the variety of attractive natural shades we carry, you're not likely to need to stain bamboo wall panels you get from Forever Bamboo. From the lightest honey shades of our natural finish to rich, dark chocolates, we have what you're looking for, and most paneling ships for free from Forever Bamboo.  

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