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Bamboo Poles Part 1: Versatile, Strong, and Beautiful

bamboo poles as patio roofing

What can bamboo poles be used for? Anything! The bamboo pole is a highly versatile material that can be used in many different types of projects both indoors and outdoors. It is a great building resource great for fencing posts, patio roofing, structural support, scaffolding, borders, and so much more. For events, bamboo poles are popular among the wedding crowd. The warm colors and consistency make the poles excellent wedding arches for tropical or beach-side weddings. Today we will focus on the outdoor use for bamboo poles.

Outdoor Bamboo Poles Use

Use the poles to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere for your outside area. Use bamboo poles as patio roof fencing. You can create a patio roof that keeps out all sunlight or allow for some spacing to let partial sunlight through. This is great for relaxing under the patio during the warmer months and keeps the house shaded as well. Bamboo is an extremely strong material and in some places, it is used as scaffolding. Bamboo is also used in bridge-making that can stand for many years.

bamboo poles in stone wall

Use the poles to enhance current fencing to give it an organic and earthy feel. Bamboo poles are a popular choice among gardeners. Add the poles to create a sturdy support for growing plants. You can also tie them together as a tripod for even more support. The bamboo comes in two different colors of natural and natural black. The natural color is a warm blend of yellow, beiges, and tan patinas. The black bamboo is a naturally occurring color with dark hues of brown, black, and tan! Both stunning, they are beautiful additions to your space.

Outdoor Event Bamboo Pole Uses

Bamboo Pole Wedding Arch Beach Wedding

Bamboo poles are a wonderful resource for creating structures. A popular way to use bamboo poles is to make wedding arches from it. We highly recommend using Guadua bamboo poles to create the wedding arch of you dreams. Guadua bamboo is known for its beauty, strength, and consistency. The Guadua bamboo pole comes in a warm glow of yellow and tans. It is famous for its straightness all throughout the pole. Bamboo tends to warp after a certain length but Guadua bamboo poles stay straight up to even 15 feet!

bamboo pole pergola dining room area Courtesy of Lori Leigh's Photography

Bamboo poles are also used to create pergolas which is great for entertaining. Set up the poles for a romantic dinner under the stars and decorate it with ethereal fabrics.

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