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Bamboo Poles

Bamboo has been incorporated into many building and decorating options. There are a wide variety of colors, species, and options depending on your needs. Whether you are building a fence, accentuating your garden, or decorating for an upcoming event; the use of bamboo poles add an eco-friendly and beautiful building element.


Bamboo poles are measured at the base diameter. Colors vary from a sandy, natural beige or tan, to brown and olive tones, speckled varieties, and even black. Since bamboo is a natural product, no two poles will be exactly alike. Tonkin and Moso are two types of the more popular bamboo poles sold and used. Moso is the same species that most of our bamboo floors and plywoods are made from. Much of the bamboo imported is from China, but bamboo is cultivated all over the world. Bamboo placed directly into the ground will only last up to two years, if that. In the ground or grass, bamboo will rot. Above ground, bamboo will last for many years. If you treat bamboo with a water sealer or urethane, bamboo can retain its natural appearance for years. When cutting poles, it’s best to use a fine tooth blade.

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