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Bamboo Reed Fencing - Simple Outdoor Makeover

Giving your backyard an island makeover isn't as daunting a task as it might seem when you have materials like bamboo reed fencing, rolls of thatch roofing, and tropical matting on hand. Home and garden stores sell metal frame gazebos year-round, though you might be able to find them in more plentiful supply during the summer. These structures are charming on their own, but when enhanced with island-inspired building materials, you can transform a simple metal gazebo into a delightful tropical hut. Most of the work can be accomplished with tools you already have around the house, making it a project you can easily complete over a weekend, if not in a day, especially if the gazebo is already set up.

Reed Fencing Rolls

The easiest part of creating a tropical hut out of a metal gazebo is attaching the reed fencing to the supports on each of the four corners. You'll want to pre-cut the pieces of fencing, then use zip ties or wire to secure it to outside of the supports. The tricky part is attaching thatch roofing to the metal roof. If the roof panels are separate pieces from the roof frame, you can leave the panels off and install panels of thatch instead. You can also install fishnet over the metal and zip tie the thatch to the existing fishnet. To further secure the thatch, you can install another piece of fishnet to secure the thatch in place.  However you choose to complete the roof of your hut, the finished product will be a delightful island retreat just outside your backdoor.

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