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Bamboo Roll Fencing - Stylish and Eco Friendly for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Backyards have become outdoor extensions of indoor living spaces. If yours lacks uniqueness or an inviting, comfortable feel, it's time for a makeover. You don't need much more than a few basic materials such as bamboo roll fencing, a stack of old bricks, and some thrift shop finds to turn your yard from yawn into yowza! An inexpensive backyard re-do is an ideal project for diehard DIY-ers, but anyone of skill or motivation level can accomplish simple, easy tasks to transform the area outside the backdoor into a favorite place in (or out of) your home.

Bamboo Roll Fencing - Stylish and Eco Friendly for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

bamboo roll fencing

Start with the bamboo fencing. It is the biggest expense you'll have, but it's an economical, low-cost way to change the look and feel of the yard. Attach it to an existing wood or chain link fence, and apply a sealant to it to keep it from molding and fading. The effect is instantaneous, putting a new face on any boring fence, new or old. Leftover fencing material can be used in the patio area to create a privacy screen, awning, or to cover the sides of deck railing to carry the theme further.

The next step is to create a charming fire pit with the bricks. Be sure to check out city ordinances on how far away from your house and your neighbor's houses the pit can be, and avoid putting it under power lines, low-hanging tree branches or over the septic tank. Lay out two layers of gravel for a base, then arrange the bricks in a circular pattern, building it up at least 12 inches high and staggering the bricks in each layer.

Furnish your made-over yard with sturdy outdoor furniture found at flea markets or thrift shops, and give the chairs and loveseat a facelift with new cushions, or recover the old ones yourself. Punch up the color on second-hand flower pots and vases with spray paint in bright hues and use them to decorate the space.

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