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Bamboo Rugs: A Quick and Easy Style Change!

bamboo rug dark chocolate stylish modern

Bamboo Rugs

Looking for new ways to update your room? Bamboo rugs are a great way to quickly renovate your room's look. Lay the rugs down in any room for an organic and modern style. Not only are they chic and affordable, they are a wonderful environmentally friendly product. You'll be creating less of a carbon imprint by using bamboo rugs. It's a  stylish and easy way to help the planet!

Gorgeous Shades

Bamboo rugs come in a variety of shades that will complement the design style of your room. From shabby chic, tropical, to modern, it will fit seamlessly into any decor theme you had in mind. Bamboo rugs comes in a variety of shades such as the light natural color rug. The tones of the yellow and beiges will bring warmth to the room. There are also a darker natural shade rug of smooth browns. The dark natural shade will bring calm and balance to your room with its subtle deep shades. Another style is the tortoise pattern bamboo rug. The patterned rug adds more texture and interesting decor elements to the room. If you want a darker style of rug with some slight patterns, the dark chocolate rug is your best option. Modern and luxurious, this will add a bold statement to any space. Contrast it with lighter furniture for even more of a pop! All the rugs come with a polyprolene border that polishes the rug in a complementary color.

bamboo rug raw green stylish and modern

Perfect Sizes for All Rooms

Bamboo rugs can range from small sizes to large sizes. They can come in the traditional rectangular style shape. Bamboo rugs also come in a square shape for small spaces. Longer rectangular styles such as the 2.5ft x 8ft rugs are perfect for longer rooms such as hallways or underneath runner tables. Add large statement rugs to your room for a bold style of decor. The rugs are still subtle enough to serve as a background decor piece.

bamboo rug modern dark natural stylish

Eco-Friendly, Durable, and Green

The rugs are made from the finest quality commercial- grade imported bamboo. Bamboo is known to be extremely eco-friendly and is a sustainable resource. Bamboo is also known to be highly durable. Some even have the strength equivalent to tensile steel! Bamboo rugs are recommended for indoor use or semi-exposed rooms such as patios and sun-rooms. All rugs are backed with PVC which prevents the rug from slipping around wooden floors or carpets.

Please check out our bamboo rug page for even more color options and sizes!

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