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Bamboo Slats

As an ultra-sustainable material, bamboo is environmentally friendly, and bamboo slats are ultra-useful for everything from making clean-burning charcoal to decorating your home or business. Bamboo's natural color is a light honey hue, but you can find bamboo slats for sale in a variety of colors including natural, tan, carbonized, or even rich mahogany or black stains. The wide color selection makes it easy to enhance your decor with the rich, warm feel of natural wood. The bonus with bamboo is that it's an especially hard wood, offering a durability that not many other hardwoods can match.

Bamboo Slats

You Can Decorate in Many Ways with Bamboo Slats

Bamboo slats are so versatile they can be used in almost endless ways when it comes to interior design. Use it to cover ceilings, floors, or walls, or apply it to the bottom third or half of a wall to create wainscoting with a unique look. As hard-wearing and long-lasting as bamboo is, it can even be used on exterior walls to add a touch of the tropics to exterior design, or use the slats for trimming, baseboards, or wainscoting.

What's more, the strong and durable wood is a natural choice for window coverings, as it is sturdy enough to withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations window treatments endure. That is why bamboo slat blinds are a terrific choice for your home or business. The variety of colors of bamboo blinds available makes it easy to coordinate the distinctive window coverings with almost any decor, making them as useful as they are attractive.

Whether you are drawn to bamboo for its eco-friendly properties, or you simply appreciate the variety of ways it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, you'll find the quality bamboo products you're looking for at Forever Bamboo. Give your place of business the unique look it's been missing or build an island retreat in your home that you've always wanted. It's easy with bamboo slats and blinds from Forever Bamboo.

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