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Bamboo Slats – Eco-Friendly Wainscoting for your Home

If you are looking to remodel your home with high quality bamboo slats at affordable prices, look no further because Forever Bamboo has the green building materials you need. Many people choose to use bamboo indoors and outdoors to create a relaxing tropical atmosphere in their very own home. Bamboo can even be found in popular resort and restaurant settings to enhance bland wall space. Bamboo slats are easy to work with since they are so versatile and durable. Any solid surface space such as walls, ceilings, bar fronts, and counter tops can benefit from bamboo wainscoting. Slats are also great for re-purposing headboards, dressers, tables, and more. Forever Bamboo has a variety of color and size options for all types of home décor projects.


Bamboo Slats at Affordable Prices

Unlike other construction materials, bamboo is an eco-friendly and affordable alternative. Installation is simple and can be completed with a screws, nails, or construction adhesive. Bamboo slats are also easy to cut and can be resized to any desired length to fit smaller spaces of your project. You can transform any room in your home by installing bamboo slats vertically, horizontally, or even in a diagonal pattern to provide texture and character. A tape measure and sharp chop saw can be used to measure and cut slats to the correct size and shape. In particular, tiki bar and BBQ areas look best when enhanced with natural, burnt, mahogany, or carbonized slats. Make sure to treat all slats with a protective sealant such as Cabot Australian Timber Oil to prevent weathering when used in outdoor settings. Forever Bamboo’s bamboo slats are available in 6 and 8 foot lengths with varying widths. No matter the look you are going for, bamboo slats will help enhance your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or backyard space in a beautiful way.

Forever Bamboo has the highest quality slats that are carefully inspected and packaged to ensure customer satisfaction. Bamboo slats also ship for free from our warehouse located in San Diego, CA.



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