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Bamboo Transforming Lives

Bamboo benefits our planet in many different ways and has even played an important role in generating job opportunities around the world. Southeastern African resident Rosebill Satha-Sambo has not only created a source of income for her family, but for others who struggle financially in the low income area of Lilongwe. In 2005, Satha-Sambo became one of the many victims that lost a job during the economic downturn. The responsibility of having to raise two young daughters didn’t help. During this difficult time she turned to bamboo, a resource that helped tackle unemployment.

JARDS Products JARDS Products

Desperate, Satha-Sambo revived a traditional skill she had learned from her mother: bamboo basket weaving. After hours spent crafting baskets for friend’s weddings, other requests from locals piled in. By 2011, business picked up so much that she decided to create a company called JARDS Products. JARDS is a social business that promotes family, friends, and community. Today, she continues to educate disadvantaged youths in Africa how to improve their economic situation with the simple use of bamboo.

Bamboo Baskets

The increased production of bamboo furniture and handicraft goods has influenced others around the world to also join in Satha-Sambo’s cause. JARDS continues to provide employment opportunity while helping to diminish poverty, violence, and prostitution within Africa. In an article by CNN, Satha-Sambo stated, "I know how it feels to be unemployed, with a family relying on you to provide for basic necessities.” The use of bamboo has given hope to an entire community thanks to Satha-Sambo’s business idea. Bamboo may just be the solution to reducing poverty around the world.

For more information about JARDS, please visit the official website here.

For the CNN news article click here.

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