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Bamboo Wainscoting - Adding Warmth

Want to bring the beauty and warmth of wood to one or more rooms in your home or office? Bamboo wainscoting is ideal for doing just that. Although bamboo is technically a type of grass, it is strong and sturdy like a hard wood, and its natural colors are the same as many of the most commonly used wood products. That means you will find bamboo in a range of earthy tones from warm honey tans to deep chocolatey browns, and even a unique raw greed shade. Whatever your color scheme or finished look you are going for, there is certain to be a bamboo paneling product to fit the bill.

Bamboo Wainscoting

Another terrific thing about bamboo materials is the variety of options you have for creating a wainscot. Bamboo paneling, for example, typically comes in rolls that are 4 feet high by 8 feet long. You can use it as-is, or cut the height down to the exact size you want your bamboo wainscoting to be. Or, make one by piecing together bamboo slats or even attaching bamboo fencing to your walls. Each product delivers a different look, making it easy to create exactly the atmosphere you want in any room.

When you put in the work to make over a room, it only makes sense to use the best supplies you can find. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide selection of bamboo products for use indoors and out. From fencing to paneling to slats and poles, we have the quality materials you need to ensure a beautiful finished product. Our assortment of bamboo comes in a choice of attractive natural shades and we also sell the maintenance products to keep your bamboo looking gorgeous year after year. You can always count on getting the best bamboo materials for your money when you shop with us. Our prices are hard to beat and many of our stunning bamboo products ship for free from Forever Bamboo.

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