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Bamboo Wall Covering - Eco-Friendly House

Bamboo wall covering is a terrific way to transform the decor of any room to give it a relaxed, tropical feel. However, there are a few tips and tricks you should know before installing bamboo paneling inside your home or business, and it's a good idea to thoroughly understand them all before starting your makeover project. You can't simply apply paneling to a wall before prepping it, especially if the wall is textured and uneven. Gaps between the wall and the paneling are moisture traps which can eventually damage the paneling and possibly cause it to pull away from the wall. That's why the wall must first be sanded and smoothed then cleaned before bamboo panels are installed.


You can secure bamboo panels to a wall using either contact glue, nails or staples. Before you get started, consider which way you want the panels to run. DIY Network suggests running the grain horizontally. It is supposed to make your room look bigger, but some people prefer the grain vertical, so choose according to your taste. Be sure to mark and cut holes for outlets on the paneling before you begin. Cutting holes in the panels can be done by drilling pilot holes then finishing the cut with a jigsaw. When you need to cut the bamboo-paneling to fit smaller areas, a chop saw is handy for cutting them horizontally, but all you need is a box knife to cut sections vertically.

Once you are ready to start putting the panels up, begin in the middle of the wall and work outward, so that the end pieces on either side are the same size. If you are using contact glue, apply it to the wall instead of the paneling itself, and spread it out into an even layer before securing the panels to it.

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