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Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo wind chimes serve more of a purpose than accenting tropical decor. Spirit Musings traces the use of bamboo chimes back nearly 5000 years. Though many claim that wind chimes served the mystical purpose of frightening evil spirits away, archaeological evidence suggests that they were actually used for the more practical purpose of scaring vermin and birds away from fields planted with food. The sound from bamboo wind chimes is inarguably soothing, so it's not surprising that their popularity spread outside agricultural areas to be used in urban settings where they are still widely used today.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo Wind Chimes Calming Effect

Possibly because of the unique calming effect wind chimes have, they've been incorporated into Feng Shui, the practice of optimizing energy flow. Different types of wind chimes are supposed to influence energy in different ways. For example, bamboo wind chimes typically made with hollow rods are useful for revitalizing energy in a space. Additionally, the number of rods on a wind chime is significant, as that number is supposed to correlate with the area in which you hang the chimes. Katie Weber's Red Lotus Letter recommends hanging wind chimes made of bamboo with three, four, or nine rods in the south, east, or southeast depending on whether you want to affect health, family relationships, wealth, or attract recognition and fame.

As with all rules, there are some exceptions to the guidelines for hanging wind chimes. Bamboo chimes are thought to help conquer affliction in a room if they are hung in the southwest or northeast corner or section of the area. Hanging metal chimes in a tree is a no-no because it's a conflict between elements, but it's perfectly fine to hang bamboo chimes in a tree because the woods will harmonize. Additionally, pagoda-shaped chimes such as Forever Bamboo's Big Hut Tiki Wind Chime are excellent energizers for any space.

Whether you want to enhance your home's Feng Shui or just enjoy the soothing sounds of bamboo chimes, Forever Bamboo has what you're looking for.


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