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Bamboo Windchimes Make A Great Decoration for the Patio

There is no denying the comforting, soothing effects windchimes have, and the low-toned sounds from bamboo windchimes are especially relaxing. Windchimes are made from a variety of materials, but ones constructed from bamboo emit peaceful tones that call to mind a flowing fountain or babbling brook. Considering that water is also calming, the gentle sounds of bamboo windchimes complement water features in a home or yard beautifully, so hanging them near a fountain or in a garden, including Zen gardens, is ideal.

Natural Looking Bamboo Windchimes

Bamboo WindchimesIf you are looking for windchimes that look natural, you can't do better than ones made of bamboo. Though many people consider bamboo a type of wood, it is actually a variety of grass. Still, it is a natural element that effectively brings the warmth of wood to any area it is used in. Bamboo has also been stereotyped as a tropical or Asian material, so it is often used to enhance an exotic or island theme when decorating. The fact is, however, that bamboo can be grown almost anywhere that winter temperatures stay above zero, and it is useful for decorating no matter what the style is.

While other types of windchimes are treated as instruments that can be tuned if their pitch falls out of sync, ones made of bamboo are tuned just once: at the time of construction. They will go on to provide years of enjoyment and relaxation without the need for adjustments. Though durable, bamboo is still a natural material that can be vulnerable when exposed to the elements long term. That means you will want to keep your bamboo wind chimes in an area where they will not be subjected to direct sun or rain, or at least bring them inside during extreme weather.

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