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How to Design with Bamboo Paneling

Bamboo paneling definitely belongs best of both worlds: it's a 3D hybrid between a wallpaper yet substantial enough to be used as covers for tables, counters, wainscotings, and ceilings! Bamboo paneling is one of the easiest materials to install and comes in many beautiful colors and patterns. Not only is a great choice of decor and designing material, but it is eco-friendly as well.

bamboo paneling on bathroom wall

Types of Bamboo Paneling

Bamboo paneling is made from strips of bamboo with a sheer backing for an easy install. They are 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The paneling comes in 8 different styles and patterns. These include Natural Raw, Natural, Natural Burnt, Raw Green, Burnt Raw Green, Carbonized, Tortoise, and the popular Dark Chocolate. Each style and color are versatile enough to fit in any design scheme. Like any type of wood, bamboo can be stained to any custom color choice. The paneling can be easily cut to fit many spaces. Add bamboo paneling to enhance a modern style, a shabby chic style, tropical style, and many other designs.

Easy DIYS for the Home

Add bamboo paneling to your home with some easy yet stunning projects. Add bamboo paneling as a table cover for a pop of decor. Cut your bamboo paneling into the shape of your table and add a glass top over it. Or add a sealer if glass top is not an option. Add flow and dimension to your room by installing it on your walls or as wainscoting. Cover the sides of kitchen islands with bamboo paneling for a decor and interest.

Warms up the Business

Bamboo is naturally warm in color. Add paneling to cold and bland office spaces for a gorgeous and organic look. Decorate reception desks or walls with well trimmed bamboo panels for a sleek and inviting look. The paneling is flexible enough to be used on posts or any rounded office space. They can be cut in any way- diagonal, vertical, or horizontal.

Perfect for Restaurants and Resorts

Bamboo paneling is popularly used by many restaurants and resorts. And for good reason! Bamboo paneling adds depth and beauty yet it is extremely cost-effective. Many restaurants and resorts use bamboo paneling for its sleek yet engaging vibe. Use bamboo paneling as table covers or use it to cover bar fronts. Add it behind bars to showcase bottles. Use darker colors such as Dark Chocolate to add mystery and sophistication. Lighter colors such as Natural are perfect for cozy cafes or brunch spots! Carbonized gives off a modern and relaxed feel that is perfect for any modern design setting.

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