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The Best Ways to Utilize Thatch Umbrellas


Thatch umbrellas are a sure-fire way to spruce up boring looking homes or businesses. See how to use thatch umbrellas in your own backyard. Thatch umbrellas are also great for certain restaurants or for creating a wonderful lunch area outside the office building.

Best Areas to Add Your Thatch Umbrellasthatch umbrella and palapa forever bamboo

If own a home with any amount of backyard space, you can easily turn it into a tropical escape! Add a lush and breezy thatch umbrella for the island experience. For smaller yards, the thatch umbrella could be a focal point in your yard to entertain guests. Or it can be a place to read or sip a refreshing drink underneath. Add a couple of comfortable lounge chairs under your thatch umbrella for even a more relaxing effect. For homes with larger backyards, add your thatch umbrella to the left or right side of the yard especially if there is a pool in the middle. For businesses, create a break or lunch are outside with thatch umbrellas. This oasis will create a calm environment that will benefit both employers and employees alike. Beach-side restaurants would benefit very highly by adding thatch umbrellas to their patio or any outside dining area. This will keep customers cool and out of the sun.

Types of Thatch Umbrellas

Thatch umbrellas come pre-made or it can be built from scratch. Thatch umbrellas come in a kit and generally are easy to install. Down side to pre-made umbrellas are you can't choose how thick or thin your want your umbrella to be. Custom made umbrellas made from individual pieces of thatch look are luxurious and plush but require the skill of a contractor to assemble.

Styles of Thatch

The style of thatch you choose can change the look for your space. Popular choices are the Mexican Palm Thatch and the African Reed thatch. Mexican palm thatch is a warm yellow thatch popularly used by tropical resorts. And for good reason! This plush looking thatch evokes a relaxed and luxurious feel. African Reed thatch is neater style thatch that looks elegant with it's mixed hues of yellow, green, and tan. No matter the style, placing a thatch umbrella into your home or business is a great addition!

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