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When you buy bamboo poles, you have the makings for creative tropical decor as well as some unique do-it-yourself projects. Plus, if you can find bamboo poles wholesale, it will all be more than affordable. Not only is bamboo a multipurpose material, but it is also exceptionally sturdy and long lasting, even stronger than steel. Considering that feature alone, you can buy bamboo poles to be used extensively in your yard because they'll stand up to the weather well. However, the minimalist beauty of bamboo also makes bamboo poles useful for interior decoration, so feel free to use them indoors, too.

As inexpensive as wholesale bamboo poles are, you will want to find a variety of ways to use them. The majority of ideas found on Minimalist.com use the poles inside the home to transform or divide rooms. For example, one pole can be placed inside each of several decorative pots with rocks to hold the poles upright. Then the pots are lined up to create a divider perfect for a room or even an outdoor space. Alternatively, several bamboo poles can be put into one pot for simple yet interesting arrangement. Or cut bamboo poles to size and cluster them together to fashion a tropical privacy screen for a balcony.

Buy Bamboo Poles

Buy Bamboo Poles and Enhance Just About Any Outdoor or Indoor Feature

It's no surprise that the Green Living Guide has some terrific ideas for using bamboo poles in a distinctive way. They're terrific for facing a bland and boring vinyl or aluminum fence, or simply covering boring deck support posts. Use bamboo poles to build a trellis or decorative ladder to accent any outdoor space. Fashion sections of bamboo into an aesthetically pleasing water feature, or follow the Instructables step-by-step directions for revamping a carbon bike frame into one made of bamboo.

The ways in which you can use bamboo poles are endless, but there is only one place to find bamboo poles at wholesale prices. Buy bamboo poles at Forever Bamboo, then get to work creating, decorating, and transforming your surroundings.


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