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Where to Buy Bamboo Poles

Bamboo is becoming more and more common for use in decorating and landscaping, but many people have a hard time finding where to buy bamboo poles. Though they are increasing in popularity, they are not necessarily an item you can buy at the local lumber store. You may find bamboo at specialty stores, and sometimes you can get it at yard and garden shops, but you are more likely to find live bamboo plants at those places. Some people are interested enough in bamboo that they go a step beyond buying bamboo poles and decide to grow bamboo themselves.

Where to Buy Bamboo Poles

Bamboo is often considered a tropical plant that needs hot and humid conditions in which to grow. However, Profitable Plants reveals that it is a hearty plant that will happily thrive in almost any climate, provided that the winter temperatures don't dip below zero. Additionally, bamboo isn't picky when it comes to soil. Only some types of bamboo, like the Shibatea variety, require specific types of soil. Most bamboo will grow in any kind of dirt, including poor soil, just as long as the conditions aren't extremely wet or dry.

Bamboo grows fast, with some types capable of growing up to 5 feet in one year. Bamboo that is allowed to grow as tall as possible can get as big as 80 feet, according to Bamboo Garden. The individual stalks of bamboo are called "culms," and once the new-growth sheaths have dropped away from the base of a culm, it's ready to be cut and dried for use. It can take 4 and 7 years for a bamboo plant to mature enough to be cut.

If You're Where to Buy Bamboo Poles - You've Found the Best

Of course, that's a lot of time and effort to put into growing your own bamboo. If you know where to buy bamboo poles at great prices, though, you can have immediate gratification. Shop Forever Bamboo for top quality bamboo poles, bamboo fencing, bamboo paneling, and more at the best prices so you can get started building your bamboo project right away.

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