Artificial Thatch

  • Benefits of Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

    Synthetic vs Natural Thatch

    Are you trying to decide on a functional thatch for adding a tropical touch? Both synthetic and natural options have their advantages. If you've only used natural roofing before, consider some of the ways artificial thatch stands out as a quality d├ęcor alternative. Discover how you can use synthetic material to make your home or business look even more beautiful.
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  • Artificial Thatch and The Tropical Look

    Bringing some tropical flavor to your back yard can easily be done with some imagination and artificial thatch. For example, your gazebo is transformed into an island tiki hut just by installing thatch on the roof. Quality artificial thatch looks authentic and an artificial thatch roof will withstand the elements so it won't mold or rot away, even if you live in an area that has a variety of seasons and sees drastic temperature fluctuations. Plus, man-made thatch resists pests, too, so your tropical hut will look terrifically authentic for years.

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