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Bamboo Fence Roll

  • Bamboo Fence Roll

    It's not only tropical-themed yards and homes that benefit from using bamboo fence roll. It can be used just about anywhere to provide privacy or supply a tranquil atmosphere. As an ultra-hard grass, bamboo stands up to harsh weather, especially if a waterproof sealant is applied before installing bamboo roll fencing in your yard. If you choose to use bamboo fence inside, however, little needs to be done in the maintenance department. Use bamboo fence roll to cover a wall or two, or create a unique room divider or privacy screen. Your imagination is the only limit to how rolls of bamboo fence can be used.

    One of the things that makes bamboo fencing so versatile is the variety of colors available. Bamboo's natural color can vary from a light honey color to a dark natural black shade. However, bamboo can be stained like any wood, so you'll find it in rich mahogany, too. For an extra distinctive look, you might choose burnt bamboo fencing. This variety offers a stunning pattern that is created by burning the nodes of each bamboo stick.

    Bamboo Fence Roll

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