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  • How to Decorate Your Interior Using Bamboo

    Decorating your interior using bamboo

    Bamboo is a material that represents breezy nature and the tropics, but it doesn't have to remain outside. It also has a place in interior design, especially for spaces trying to capture the essence of island life. The use of bamboo in design has fluctuated in the past. In recent years, interior designers have been drawn back to bamboo in their creations, and they prefer it over industrial styles due to its natural appearance and the unending possibilities of this material.

    The eco-friendly and stylish element of bamboo changes the ambiance of a room into a true tropical escape. Join the bamboo trend by incorporating bamboo in clever and attractive ways. Check out the following ideas to decorate inside your home using bamboo or dressing up your establishment with this material.

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  • Forever Bamboo Donates Eco-Friendly Materials to Enhance Learning in the Classroom

    San Diego, CA. In an effort to support education, Forever Bamboo reached out to Temple Beth Orr’s Early Childhood Center in Coral Springs, Florida to see how they would be able to help promote eco-friendly learning in the classroom. Temple Beth Orr’s ECC provides children ages 6 weeks to 5 years with a warm, loving environment that encourages exploration and creativity in a collaborative atmosphere. With the leadership of veteran teachers Judi Lowe and Lois Kutchera, students participated in free choice activities that stimulated brain development and creativity.

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