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  • Bamboo Products - Best Quality Bamboo at Forever Bamboo

    Made from an eco-friendly and renewable source, bamboo products are increasing in popularity for use in some not so common ways. Bamboo is surprisingly strong, yet it is still flexible and it is elements like these that make it valuable for a variety of uses. Though it is often associated with tropical climates, bamboo is capable of standing up in harsh weather of almost any kind--especially if it is treated with stain or clear coat sealant. That feature alone means it can be used in commercial settings as well as the home. When a material is so versatile, the imagination is the only limit to finding ways to make use of it.

    Easy to find bamboo products include poles, fencing, paneling, and slats. All are practical for construction purposes and examples of common uses are to build fences, scaffolding, furniture, floors, and for covering walls, entirely or partially to create an attractive wainscot. Bamboo is so durable that poles or slats can be utilized to build bridges of any size from smaller, decorative footbridges to create a walkway over a stream, or larger, more practical bridges that extend over a river or chasm.

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  • Forever Bamboo Donates Eco-Friendly Materials to Enhance Learning in the Classroom

    San Diego, CA. In an effort to support education, Forever Bamboo reached out to Temple Beth Orr’s Early Childhood Center in Coral Springs, Florida to see how they would be able to help promote eco-friendly learning in the classroom. Temple Beth Orr’s ECC provides children ages 6 weeks to 5 years with a warm, loving environment that encourages exploration and creativity in a collaborative atmosphere. With the leadership of veteran teachers Judi Lowe and Lois Kutchera, students participated in free choice activities that stimulated brain development and creativity.

    Bamboo Products Online

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  • Why build with bamboo

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    Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, is in the subfamily of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family of Poaceae. Certain species are capable of growing by as much as three feet within a 24-hour period or one inch every 40 minutes after they have been in the ground for several years! Continue reading

  • 5 Ways to Use Bamboo Products in Your Home


    Bamboo is among the most versatile materials on the face of the planet. It has been used in many ways throughout the course of history and it is still used today for a number of different things. In China, bamboo is still used as the material of choice for building high-rise scaffolding for construction crews working on apartment buildings and other structures. There are also many different small-scale uses for this material that make it excellent for home use. Bamboo products are a very common site in homes around the world.

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