Halloween Decorations Made Easy with Bamboo & Thatch

  • Tropical Halloween Decorating Ideas

    You probably didn’t know that bamboo poles and thatch can be used as eco-friendly Halloween decorations.

    There are many ways you and your family can get creative this Halloween season. Decorating your home can bring the family together and spark some creativity. Here are some ideas to get all the neighborhood kids and guests talking.

    Tiki Masks

    Hawaiian Tiki masks can be placed on tables next to food or pumpkin carvings as tropical Halloween centerpieces. Hawaiian tiki masks also look great when attached to tiki torches that mirror the spirit of Hawaii and Halloween.

    Skull Tiki Torch

    If you are planning on building a haunted house in your front yard, consider a haunted Luau theme! Bamboo poles are flexible, durable, and affordable, making for the perfect haunted addition. You can use a 5 or 8-foot decorative bamboo pole as the body and attach small pieces in thatch around the top with glue or twine. Complete the body by attaching a skull and placing the pole anywhere in your yard.

    Skull on Bamboo Pole with Thatch

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