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Large Bamboo Poles as Eco-Friendly Décor

  • Large Bamboo Poles as Eco-Friendly Décor

    Bamboo is a very popular green building material that is both affordable and versatile. Although bamboo is picking up in popularity, it is still relatively difficult to find. Forever Bamboo specializes in importing top quality bamboo poles that measure 5, 8, and 10 feet in length in both natural and black colors. Large bamboo poles can be used in the backyard or inside the home to help create the perfect tropical environment. Contemporary and modern décor schemes can benefit from eco-friendly products like bamboo since it is a sturdy material.  There are many different DIY projects that can be done with bamboo to enhance your living space.

    Half round large bamboo poles look great as accent pieces on blank wall spaces within living room or kitchen areas. Forever bamboo offers a wide variety of half round bamboo poles that are terrific for creating bamboo wall candle holders. If there is a specific color scheme you are trying to achieve simply paint the bamboo to match your living space. You can also reinforce the bamboo with sturdy twine or rope around the nodes to hold a small tea light or glass candle. Large bamboo poles also look good when placed in a large planter vase to create texture. Contemporary spaces with green plants and bamboo welcome an eco-friendly atmosphere that brings a fresh look to any home or business setting.


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