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Large Bamboo Poles for your Home and Business

  • Large Bamboo Poles for your Home and Business

    Large bamboo poles are affordable, high quality green building materials that can be used to enhance any area of your outdoor living space. Bamboo grows between 3-5 feet per year; much quicker compared to wood that can take years to regrow. Not only is bamboo beautiful, it is eco-friendly and versatile. Since bamboo is a strong green building material, it has been cut and used to make other products such as slats, matting, borders, fencing, and rugs. Bamboo is so durable that it has been found to have a stronger tensile strength than steel. Large bamboo poles compliment multiple d├ęcor schemes and look great with contemporary and modern spaces. No matter how you choose to decorate your home, large bamboo poles are an excellent eco-friendly choice.

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