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Reed Fencing – An Affordable Outdoor Enhancement

  • Reed Fencing – An Affordable Outdoor Enhancement

    Reed fencing is a great product to give your backyard an island makeover that will welcome a relaxing atmosphere for all your guests. If you already have an existing fence such as wood, vinyl, or chain link, reed will give your fence extra character and texture. Although reed fencing doesn’t work well as a privacy fence, it can still enhance backyard areas in a captivating way. Since reed is a renewable resource, it is an affordable alternative to plastic and wood. Attaching a coffee or natural reed fence requires a quick application with wire or zip ties to properly secure the fence in place. For a wooden fence, you can use nails or large staples to attach the reed directly over the wood without damaging the fence. Although reed is used as a fencing material, it can be used for other applications as well.

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