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Reed Fencing

  • How to Build a Sukkah

    How to Build a Sukkah

    As September and October approach, Jewish families around the world will be celebrating Sukkot, one of the three pilgrimage holidays that mark the end of the summer harvest. This is a time to remember ancestral roots, reaffirm faith and experience simple living to celebrate life.

    As the root of Sukkot, Sukkah structures — or natural huts with shade-providing roofs — are crucial to the observance of this holy time. A sukkah is a temporary hut that is meant to be lived in during the observance of Sukkot and acts as a reminder of the journey from enslavement to freedom. Do you know how to build yours?

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  • Reed Fencing - Perfect for the Backyard

    Reed and bamboo are some of the most versatile materials in the world. Reed fencing can be used indoors or outdoors, in almost any setting, and it will always look beautiful. As it is a natural, plant-based material and comes in several colors, it can blend with almost any home décor style. It lends itself well to both beauty and privacy - giving you the private space you crave without sacrificing the style of your backyard. Reed fencing is strong, hardy, easy to install, environmentally friendly, affordable, and gorgeous. It’s perfect for just about anything.

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