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  • Forever Bamboo Tutorials

    In the next couple of weeks we will be producing short tutorial videos that will be available to view on our website and new YouTube page. These videos will display our thatch, bamboo fencing, paneling, bamboo poles, reed fencing, Bac Bac matting, and Lauhala matting. In each video, we will be educating our viewers about each product and ways in which you can install and enhance your home or business.

    Here’s a list of topics that will be discussed in each tutorial.

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  • How To Instantly Improve your Backyard with Reed Fencing

    Why Use Reed Fencing?

    Reed fencing is a beautiful and natural way to enhance your living space. It is the lesser known cousin to bamboo fencing and we're here to change that! Reed fencing is constructed from dried water reed that comes in varying shades from tan to dusky brown. It is inexpensive compared to other fencing materials with an equally gorgeous impact! Another benefit to reed fencing is that it can easily fit into any space. It is very flexible so it can cover many different types of spaces.

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  • Reed Fencing: Cost-Effective and Beautiful

    reed fencing backyard

    Reed products are a great budget-friendly and stylish way to decorate your space! Beautiful and easy to install, this type of fencing works well with many types of design schemes. Reed fencing is made from the freshwater reed that grows abundantly in marshes, rivers, and wetlands. Sustainable and fast-growing, these plants do not impact the environment with too much carbon-footprint.

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