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Thatch Roofing Material - Low Cost and Sustainable

  • Thatch Roofing Material - Low Cost and Sustainable

    If you find the look of a thatched roof attractive and want to install one on your home, business, or any structure, it helps to know what makes the best thatch roofing material. In their catalogue of Appropriate Building Materials, Roland Stulz and Kiran Mukerji reveal that practically any type of vegetation can be used to create thatch, including tree bark. The plant matter that is most commonly used, however, are palms, reeds, and grasses. Many people think of palm thatch when picturing a roof that's been traditionally thatched. While palm is typically used in tropical climates, you'll find a lot of reed thatching in areas of the world that see colder seasons.

    As much as a unique style and look thatch gives to homes and other buildings, the other benefits are just as important to people who choose it for roofing. As an organic material, thatch is low-cost and is often sustainable. It has surprisingly long life if installed and maintained properly, and thatch offers excellent insulation not only from the weather but also for soundproofing, as well.

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