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Tiki Thatch – Best Roofing Material for your Palapa

  • Tiki Thatch – Best Roofing Material for your Palapa

    A thatched roof completes any palapa or tiki hut structure and invites a tropical atmosphere to your backyard. Tiki thatch is an affordable alternative to wood or tile roofing materials and is also eco-friendly. Mexican palm thatch in particular is the most popular type of thatching material and can be found on most resort style tiki huts. Constructed from dried palm leaves, thatch is carefully hand woven to create a durable product that is ideal for commercial and home installation. Tahitian thatch also closely resembles traditional Mexican thatch and is often used to cover island themed structures. In general, thatch has excellent insulation qualities making for a smart choice when it comes to covering your outdoor structure. If two or more layers of tiki thatch are applied, the majority of rain will be repelled since thatch keeps most structures dry.


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